Math - Lesson 24 Homework pages

ELA - 5 KidBiz articles completed by Friday 12/6  Next quarter it will be articles and activities with a score of 80% or better.

Science - Analysis of "Bean Germination" data & conclusion - Due Friday 12/6  This was discussed in class today, the data and a 'sample' graph were shown on the board.

Soc.Studies - 
Colony 'report' (or poster, or brochure, or time-capsule) - Due Friday 12/6   This deadline announced two weeks ago and students told me how they planned to present the information.
ELA - Get those four KidBiz articles done tonight....

Math - Finish the Lesson 15 Problem Set and Complete the Lesson 15 Homework sheet.
ELA - Remember the four articles due by Friday morning

Math - Lesson 14 Homework Sheet

ELA - 4, yes 4, KidBiz articles by Friday morning (starting next quarter it will be important that the scores on the activities are 75% or higher before the article "counts")

Math - Lesson 13 Homework sheet

Social Studies - Colonies for research have been sel
ected/assigned and preliminary research can begin.

Veteran's Day Weekend

  • 4 KidBiz articles by next Friday morning
  • Spelling corrections DUE TUESDAY
    New spelling words -- Homophones/Homographs
  • READ

 MATH - Lesson 12 Homework Page

Social Studies - Bring in a list of 3 of the Original 13 Colonies that you might want to study more closely.

ELA - Get those 3 articles read.  Remember that there is a spelling test coming up on Friday.

Math - Bring in 2 word problems dealing with multi-digit multuplication.  Extra credit for using decimal numbers.

Science - Exercise A in the Science Fair packet.
ELA - Still time to complete the 3 KidBiz articles.  Remember that all 5 steps must be completed.

MATH - Lesson 9 Homework Sheet -

Science - Revise your question (or bring in a new one inspired by someone else's idea)
ELA - 3 KidBiz articles to be completed by Friday morning.  I will check on Friday...

MATH - Finish the Lesson 9 Problem Set

Science - Bring in a Science Fair question for the class to evaluate. 
Tonight's homework -
MATH - Lesson 6 HW pages.  This is an extension of the Area Model and how it can be applied for and to the partial product strategy. 
Science - Review and revise (or complete for the first time) the 4 paragraph paper about the human body systems and how they work together to help sustain life.
MATH - Not much tonight.  Only the Lesson 4 Problem Set.  This would normally be done in class, but PE cuts into our Math block on Tuesday and Thursday.   Everyone had a pretty clear understanding during class (at least no one had any additional questions).  If they do well on the "Exit Ticket" tomorrow, then we will move on.  If not, then I'll reteach and give the Homework Pages for tomorrow.

ELA - Everyone should have their two journal entries ready to post on their Weebly page.  With HSA testing going on, we have limited computer access in the classroom, but we will make do.  Anything that can be done at home would be very helpful.

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